You are about to undertake one of the most rewarding challenges of your life – and we are glad to support you.  Before your wedding and long afterward, we will be here for you.   We have prepared this guide to help with your wedding plans.  

No two weddings are exactly alike (nor should they be), and the individuality of your wedding is as important to us as it is to you.  At the same time, we hope to provide a Christian celebration that connects your marriage to the church family.     


Initial Preparations

Our church schedules weddings on a first-come, first-served basis.  Use of the church is free to its members; nonmembers may reserve a date by returning the reservation form (below) with a $750 rental fee, which is refundable up to three months before the ceremony.  We are able to guarantee your date as soon as we have received from you the completed form along with the rental fee.   

One of our pastors, the Rev. Larry Wood or the Rev. George Myers, will contact you for an initial meeting.  (If you wish another pastor to perform the ceremony, our pastors will help you make the necessary arrangements.)   

We ask that you confirm your wedding date with us four months in advance.  During this time, we ask you to undergo premarital counseling with Rev. Wood, Rev. Myers, or another professional of your choosing – for both a happier wedding and a stronger marriage.  If you choose to counsel with our ministers, all reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate your schedule, and together you will determine how often you should meet.   Please know that we never schedule more than one wedding on any given day.     


Designing the Ceremony  

Your wedding should reflect your beliefs and passions: what you feel for each other, family and friends, and God.  In that sense, your wedding is profoundly personal.  At the same time, your wedding will matter deeply to others.  In this sense, it is a shared experience.    

It will be your challenge to decide how to design the ceremony.  Our pastors will help you to find a service that is personal and is an authentic Christian witness.  Also, if you desire, the pastors will help you choose the readings.  We hope to ease your mind by settling these things well before the wedding. 



You may consult our music director or pastors about selecting appropriate music.  If you plan to include special music by instrumentalists or vocalists, you need to discuss this with them.  Your music arrangements should be made shortly after you have scheduled your wedding date.  We ask that music be performed live, not pre-recorded.     


Wedding Coordinator

Our church has its own wedding coordinator, who keeps things running smoothly.  Her aim is to serve you.  We welcome outside coordinators to join her, with the understanding that all final plans will be approved by her or the clergy of St. Andrew.     


Our Wedding Fees

There is no rental fee for church members; nonmembers must pay a rental fee of $750 to reserve a wedding date.  You may choose either the sanctuary or the grounds.  Ample dressing rooms are available.   

Members and nonmembers alike must pay our wedding coordinator $350.   

Members and nonmembers alike must pay our custodian $250, which is due the week prior to the ceremony. 

If our organist or other musicians take part, members and nonmembers alike must pay them.  The amount will depend on what is involved.  This too is due the week before the ceremony.   

An honorarium for the pastor is at your discretion.   

If you would like to have a small reception in the church’s Fellowship Hall after the ceremony, we would be happy to consider what is possible.  Please remember that alcohol is not allowed.  The building fee is $500, with an additional $75 for the wedding coordinator and $75 for the custodian.  



St. Andrew schedules only one wedding per weekend.  The church will be available for 4 hours on the day of rehearsal and 8 hours on the day of the wedding.  If you need more time for set-up or take-down, the wedding coordinator's fee will be an additional $100 per hour.


The Rehearsal

Everyone in the wedding party – bride’s attendants, groomsmen, children, parents, readers, musicians – must attend the rehearsal.  We ask that you take responsibility for ensuring that all members of the wedding party arrive on time.  The rehearsal will last approximately one hour.  Please bring your marriage license with you to the rehearsal.    


The Day of the Ceremony

Dressing rooms will be provided for men and women of the bridal party.  Please bear in mind that we do not permit smoking or alcoholic beverages.   

If you would like to use it, we will set up a kneeling bench for your ceremony.  Your florist can supply an aisle runner.   

At special times of the year -- Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost -- the sanctuary is furnished by our Worship Committee; liturgical decorations will not be taken down.

No flash photography may be taken during the ceremony.  Video cameras are welcome, but no additional lighting, please.  The photographer should speak with the wedding coordinator before setting up.   

We cannot permit confetti, rice, or birdseed to be thrown here.  Soap bubbles are a good alternative outside. 

After the ceremony, you and the pastor will sign the marriage license, and the pastor will give you one of the signed copies.  Our church office will mail another signed copy to the County Probate Office.     



We wish you Godspeed on your married journeys.  If there is any way we can be of further help, please let us know.  In all life’s joys and difficulties, you will have a church family here.  Blessings!


Wedding reservation form