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Our oldest daughter has turned twenty-one.  She was born an old soul, but I think she will be young all her life, thanks to a curious nature.

Rexene and I look forward to celebrating that milestone with her as soon as we can be together.  Fortunately she has been safe with her boyfriend's family, we think...we hope.  Letting her judge the wisdom of such things is, for us, part of her turning twenty-one.

She is living her own life these days, and we are apart more often than not.  It doesn't bother her to drive hundreds of miles or to spend weeks in the company of people speaking another language.  When she was a little girl, she showed enthusiasm for small pleasures like a sandwich, or a story, or a fish that swam into her hands.  She still delights in showing her younger sisters something new she has learned about the natural world.  It's likely that she will do a lot of exploring in the years ahead.

As much as I love her curiosity, I'm all the more grateful for her kindness and sense of justice.  People who know her also love those things about her.    

So out of a bucketful of scripture, let me pull out this live verse -- Proverbs 21, verse 21: "Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life and honor."  At any age, it's a verse she can hold in her hands. 

Posted by Lawrence Wood at 1:42 PM
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