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So after several days' delay, we finally got to celebrate with our oldest daughter.  The younger girls had put together gifts for her.  One had made a "time box" by plundering her sister's bedroom closet and giving back to her things that were already hers -- strange, half-forgotten, hilarious items.  The other painted a picture of a Mexican salamander and named it (in honor of a family trip to New Orleans) Muffaletta the Axolotl.  The oldest sister loved everything.

Silliness has a cherished place in our house.  (And it better have, because there's plenty of it.)  Years from now, when our nest is empty, I will love grown-up conversations at the dinner table and couple time with Rexene.  But we will miss the silliness.

If there's something our country needs especially right now, aside from test kits and face masks, it's silliness.  The adults from the CDC can still do their thing.  Giggles and snorts would also do us good.  Jesus said to such as these belongs the kingdom of God.  When we've had enough, we can tell them it's time for bed.

Posted by Lawrence Wood at 9:33 PM
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