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This afternoon a good friend of St. Andrew went bike-riding with his kids.  It's a beautiful day, the kids are off from school, and he's mostly working from home, so why not?

Another St. Andrew member took her dog out for a walk and waved to several neighbors who were also enjoying the day out-of-doors. 

And a third member admitted to me that she appreciates how her life has slowed down.  "I'm 78," she says.  "My friends are all retired, but usually we're so busy.  It's refreshing now not to be."

Thanks to the coronavirus, we have rediscovered the virtues of Sabbath.  We are getting some time off, whether we asked for it or not.  I'm struck by how health officials tell us that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to get plenty of rest.  That doesn't come easily to most of us.  We are go-getters, hard-chargers, who tend to overwork and overdo even when don't have to.  Now we have to observe limits.  

I hope you're finding ways to make the most of this God-given rest.  It may be just what we need, in more ways than one.


Posted by Lawrence Wood at 2:06 PM
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