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St. Andrew has good neighbors.  We see them every day out for a walk around the church grounds, or coming by on bicycles.  Some live in Oyster Bay Village, directly behind the church.  Others live across the street, down by the Lagoon, while others are in subdivisions on the Fort Morgan Road.  Now and again, someone may pause to rest on a bench by the bike path, or to linger at the Memorial Garden.

Other neighbors come on weekdays between 11:30 and 11:50.  That's when the Gulf Shores City Schools distribute meals for school-age children.  For many families, it's a lifesaver, and the school staffers are also glad to do it.

More and more these days, we are finding who our neighbors are.  Linda Chappelle notes that the Christian Service Center has seen a rise in cases, as expected when so many people are out of work.  I'm glad to report that help has come in, too, although it doesn't cover all the needs.  Robert and Suzanne Monk of our Outreach Committee note that St. Andrew's mission partners face extraordinary challenges right now and would appreciate anything that we can do for them.

"Who is my neighbor?" a man once defensively asked Jesus.  Jesus replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan, which led him to turn the question around and ask, "Who then was a neighbor to the man in need?"  I hope that our community church will know the answers to both questions, for the needs are literally on our doorstep.


Posted by Lawrence Wood at 2:45 PM
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