Holy Saturday

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Holy Saturday

For many working folks, the weekend means time off, and Saturday means personal priorities -- family, work around the house, exercise, watching a game, stepping out for a night.  Some people say they "live for the weekend," that they "don't live to work, but work to live," which I guess means that five days out of seven, they're half-dead.

Saturday lately has lost its charm.  Every day is a Saturday.

This Holy Saturday may be different.  The day after Good Friday finds us readier than ever for Easter -- but first we must sort through our priorities, set some of them aside, and give ourselves more fully to God's.

It's a reflective time.  Think about how long it takes to grieve for someone you love.  Now multiply that for Jesus, and put all of it into just one day.  That's Holy Saturday.

Now consider that we are the ones who are dead.  The Son of God came to raise us from our slumber into a much fuller life.

Easter is coming, but it means getting out of our own backyards, into a much larger world, with a wider idea of family.  When we are able to rise from this string of Saturdays, God may say, All right, then -- back to work.  And we'll say, Allelujah!

Posted by Lawrence Wood at 11:20 AM
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