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Community partners

St. Andrew has an important role in this community -- as a church.  We're not a restaurant, although we're blessed with good cooks.  We're not a concert hall, although fine musicians find a rapt audience in our pews.  We're a church, which is a very special calling, and there's plenty for us to do.

Recognizing that our church has its own role to play, we've partnered with local agencies that are also doing the Lord's work -- the Christian Service Center, Meals on Wheels, the Boys' Ranch, the Lighthouse, Care House, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation, Mary's Shelter, Hope Haven, the Association for Retarded Citizens, and Family Promise.  They do work that we cannot, and they need our support.

May is Mission Month.  I hope everyone in our church family will tune in on Sunday the 24th when we hear from these partners about their current work and needs.  We each may feel our hearts touched by a specific ministry.  Please be generous -- in these tough times, these agencies need all the help we can give.

And if there's a way to get involved when restrictions are eased, by all means, do so.  Many, though not all, of our partners need volunteer help.  It may just be where you'll find your own role in our community. 


Posted by Lawrence Wood at 8:41 PM
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