December 2020



Dear church family,

We can hardly believe it is December.  This year, which has been so full and so long – indeed so hard for so many of us – has reached the season of Advent.  And how good it feels to know that Christmas is coming, with a new year soon to follow.

In easier years, we may not have appreciated our blessings quite as much as we do now.  Today there is no mistaking them.  We are alive, and alive to each other.  We have come through storms, fears, isolation, illnesses, and for the most part we’re doing all right, thank God. 

It has been almost nine months since the pandemic began.  Nine months.  Imagine how hard a similar term was for a girl – she was hardly older than that – who found herself pregnant.  She had to wait through the whispers of neighbors, the concern of her betrothed, and had to stay with a kinswoman once she began to show.  She suffered the pains and risks of childbirth.  And then, having been told that “a sword shall pierce your soul too,” she at last held her son, God’s son, the hope of the nations.

It was thirty years before Jesus emerged from Galilee and proclaimed the good news.  Many years after that, the world began to appreciate who he was.  We are still marveling at Jesus, two thousand years later.

Again and again, our God uses hard times to bring about great blessings.  We may look back on 2020 as a time of labor pains as God brings something about.  God will reveal what that is.

And the time came for her to deliver her child…   Luke 2:6   Surely it’s time for the child to be born in in our lives.

With every blessing for your Christmas and New Year,

Rev. Larry Wood  


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