October 2019



Dear church family,

Jesus taught us so much that we are still unpacking his lessons, all these years later.  Each time a group gets together and talks about the gospels, the discoveries are inexhaustible.  Indeed, one of his chief lessons was about the blessing of being in a group.

Jesus gathered a small group of disciples so they could study and pray.  Every so often, the Christian world rediscovers this model.  It happened in the Middle Ages, with the founding of the great contemplative orders and monasteries.  It happened in the 1600s with house churches, in the 1700s with the Methodist revival, and in the 1800s with the first Sunday schools.  It happened in the early 20th century with 12-step programs, and it happened in the small-group movement that swept through churches twenty years ago.   It’s a timeless lesson – that when we come together with a few friends in the faith, the scriptures are alive, our hearts are opened wider, and the Spirit of God does wonderful work.  

Here at St. Andrew, we are launching two small groups – one north of the bridge, that will meet once a month during the day, and another south of the bridge that will meet on a Thursday evening.  I hope you will prayerfully consider taking part.  It could change your life.   If you’d like to learn more, please speak with Suzanne Monk (502-500-4395).

With every blessing,

Rev. Larry Wood