April 2019



Dear church family,

On Easter morning of 2018, so many people crowded into St. Andrew that worship started ten minutes late.  Ushers scrambled to put up chairs where fire marshals never thought they would go, and kids were seated on the chancel steps.  It was a wonderful day.  

Almost right away, the staff and Worship Committee began talking about adding an early service.  So this year, by the kindness of many volunteers, we’ll offer Easter worship at 8:00 and 10:00.

For many area churches, though, two services would be nothing.  Father David Carucci at Our Lady of the Gulf will say Mass four times – and he’s waiting for a new kidney.  Overflow crowds will gather in the Parish Hall.  First Baptist offers six services every Sunday.

All of this suggests to me that there is a deep, abiding hunger for the Word of God.  Great crowds respond to the message that Christ died and rose again, that our most serious problems have been deeply felt by God and that his grace can overcome them.  We need Easter all the time.   I am deeply grateful for the folks who discover or rediscover their faith on Easter Sunday – they inspire all of us to share this life-giving message every day: He is risen indeed!

With every blessing,

Larry Wood