May 2020



Dear church family,

It’s a commonplace to begin a letter by saying, “I hope this finds you well.”  Today such words have more resonance, and I truly hope that you are well in body and in soul.

We all are eager to return for public worship.  As you may know, Governor Kay Ivey has not yet lifted those restrictions.  The Center for Disease Control wants to see a 14-day decline in infections before restrictions are eased, and Alabama’s cases have not gone down.  Further announcements are expected on May 15.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue safe practices, and hope that you’re worshipping with us online.  Thanks to Dolly Crewes, Jenny Phillips, Bill Leutz, Lynn Norwood, and many other volunteers, St. Andrew has been able to share services on our website and Facebook.  I’m glad that some Sunday school classes have met via Zoom, and that Sara Hunter and Charlie Wallace have been keeping in touch with our kids.  Blessings also to the many folks who have been making phone calls and checking in on one another.  

St. Andrew has received extraordinary support during this time.  Thank you, thank you, for doing what you can – your generosity is deeply appreciated.  And thank you for remembering the Christian Service Center and our partner agencies responding to the crisis.

Please continue to keep in your prayers those nurses, doctors, and first responders on the front lines of the pandemic.  Many of us have family members in such dangerous roles.      

When at last we do come back together for public worship, there will be clear protocols.  You’ll know exactly what to expect – and what will be expected of you.  We’ll ease into things.  It will be, just the same, one of the most joyous celebrations St. Andrew has ever seen, a true Easter season.  

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and ways.  The Lord be with all of you.”   2 Thessalonians 3:16

With every blessing,

Rev. Larry Wood