September 2021



Dear church family,

It’s amazing to think that St. Andrew turns 23 years old this month.  There is still a freshness to our fellowship – a strong sense of purpose.  One of the reasons we like to celebrate our birthday, in addition to having any excuse for a party, is to stay in touch with our founding story and remember why St. Andrew is here.  

In essence, St. Andrew is a community church because we reflect our community, in all its variety, and serve that community, in all its needs.

So Lutherans befriend Catholics, and Baptists join up with Episcopalians, and Methodists embrace Pentecostals, because we are called to come together (John 17:20-24) and focus on the basics (Mark 12:28-31).  

George and I often count ourselves blessed to have discovered this unusually broad yet focused church family.  One of our missions is to make sure that St. Andrew keeps that character, because, as our founding pastor Robert Warren often noted, it is tempting for all of us to recreate patterns that we knew from other places, to recreate the churches we knew before.  

The best way to keep our character, to stay broad and focused, is to serve our community.

Due to the pandemic, St. Andrew’s annual birthday party will have to wait a little while.  In the meantime, there’s lots to keep us occupied, as you’ll find in this newsletter.  We can celebrate by being of service – thanks be to God! 

With every blessing,

Rev. Larry Wood  


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