We're here for you! 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, St. Andrew is joining coordinated relief efforts.  If you need food, shelter, ice, showers, or just someone to listen, please let us know! 

You'll find many resources on this website.  Just scroll down, for example, and you'll find recent worship services.  George Myers' new class can be found here.  There are thoughts from the pastor and devotions from the church family.  Please let us know what you may need -- from prayer to practical help.  

Gifts and tithes can be made securely online and are deeply appreciated.  The Christian Service Center also needs our help.

We are a Christian congregation of people from diverse backgrounds whose journeys of faith have led us to St. Andrew by the Sea.  All of God’s children are welcome.  We join in worship on Sunday morning to praise God, fellowship with one another, hear the Gospel, and become inspired to do God’s work in our community.


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