March 2018



Dear church family,

The word Lent comes from an old English word for “length,” the longer days of Spring.  More and more, the sun is coming into our lives.

In a sense, that’s why Spring breakers descend on Gulf Shores – to catch more of the sun.  They take beach chairs down to the shore, lie back and close their eyes, baking with stripes of lotion on their noses, drinking in what they don’t dare to see.  Then they stagger back to their rooms and try to recover.

For the disciples of Jesus, this is a time to bask in another source of warmth and light, which floods into the darkest corners of our souls.  We want God to illumine all the hidden crevices, all the secret places.  

Indeed, as we come to the final week of Lent, Holy Week, there is a great deal of darkness to illumine.  It’s not just the night of Jesus’ arrest, or the darkness at midday when he was crucified.  It’s today’s headlines and our own quiet personal struggles that need the dawning of a new day.  We will get there with open eyes, by going through Lent.  

With every blessing,

Larry Wood