September 2018



Dear church family,

There was a time, especially in the years just after World War II, when World Communion Sunday spoke of our ties to Christians in very distant places.  Today, however, the world is much smaller – and indeed diversity is on our doorstep.  Baldwin County is much more diverse than ever.  That has not made us closer, however.  We still have a ways to go to build friendships across racial lines.

On World Communion Sunday, October 7, at 3:00, Christians from all over south Baldwin County will come together at Foley United Methodist for an event called Path to Peace.  Last year’s inaugural event drew a standing-room-only multiracial crowd for a wonderful, spirit-filled afternoon.  This year again, we’ll pray for police and firefighters, who will pray for our communities and grill hamburgers.  There will be great music, powerful messages, and an encouragement to make new friends.

It’s just the start.  The most important thing that Path to Peace can foster is friendship across racial lines.  You can help with that.  Would you be glad to host or attend a small dinner for new friends?  

These meals can happen at the convenience of the hosts, either in a home or at a church, with the hosts' own meals or potluck dishes.  Path to Peace can furnish a small group of eight guests representing different churches and ethnic backgrounds.  There will be no agenda -- just the pleasure of making new friends.  If the groups choose to get together again, all the better.

With your help, and some gracious Southern hospitality, we might make a dent toward racial progress in our area.

Larry Wood


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