January 2019



Dear church family,

For many of us, the new year begins with a bleary night and a blurry morning.  After a big night of overindulgence, we resolve that this will be the year that we do things differently.  And that's when we have an epiphany.

Maybe we are who we are.  Maybe we're incapable of change.  It's a sobering thought, that we might just have to live with all the old problems.

The wise men who visited the baby Jesus had their own epiphany.  As they beheld the newborn king, they realized that they had found someone with greater power over them than Herod.  Right there on the spot, they resolved to make a change, and they went home by another way.

We do not have to be who were yesterday.  Christ can open our eyes and show us a different way.  He accepts us as we are and then sets us free to follow him.  His grace is powerful and persuasive.

I hope that yours will truly be a new year!

With every blessing,

Larry Wood


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