June 2017



Dear church family,

Every few days, another catalog arrives from the Oriental Trading Company, a mail-order firm that sells all sorts of cheap, mass-produced items.  You can get dozens of colored pencils, bulk orders of soap bubbles, sunglasses and stickers, as well as pennywhistles for not much more than a penny.

Kids just love these things, which is why Oriental Trading does a lot of business with Vacation Bible Schools.  As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts – kids love to feel appreciated, even if the gift is a novelty eraser.     

I hope that St. Andrew will be able to give lasting gifts that are just as fun and personal.  At any age, people are thrilled to receive a word of scripture, a word of encouragement, when someone says, This is yours.  It belongs to you.

With every blessing,

Larry Wood